Ladies Lets Embrace Our Sexuality

Does it just annoy you when a guy says, I can’t go down on you then expect you to go down on him, sadly a lot of Nigerian women don’t mind this, which is totally wrong. We need to be as comfortable as the men when it comes to our sexuality, there the issue of people raising an eyebrow when a lady carries a condom in her purse, this should tell the male folks that this lady is responsible but sadly even myself cannot do this, out of fear of being seen as a loose lady.

See a comment from a youtube post:

This is a topic that is usually brushed under the rug. It is so sad.I feel like Nigerian women need to be more comfortable with their sexuality. They need to own and exude their sexuality in the bedroom, parking lots, kitchen counters, dancing for your man etc. it is such a powerful feeling, knowing that you can express yourself in that light. It is very important to know your body and figure out what positions can make you have a clitoral or G-spot orgasm. Do you get more explosive orgasms by a vibrator, oral sex or the release from squirting? Very sad that women don’t even know when they have an orgasm. Some people think getting wet without pulsation of the vaginal muscles or release of dopamine is equivalent to having an orgasm. Very wrong and sad. Sex is an integral part of human relationships(mature relationships). I wish our culture embraced it more.

Sadly this comment says it all, most of us do not know these things. In as much as God, stability, and family should be the most things in your marriage, sexual compatibility is also very important, if you are not sexually compatible with your partner then I do not advise that you marry this person, in fact just be a nun, if this person is the only option you. For those who have decided to abstain from sex until married, you need to be able to talk about sex with your partner, read up, try new things, if not I’m worried for your sex life.

Men need to pay more attention to their women when y’all get down, is she feeling you? how does she want it? Am I hitting the right spot? Yes, women can be complicated when it comes to these things but then sometimes forget your selfish needs and cater to your woman. It is not every time you are done with you, you just get the hell up like this is over and then you leave your lady high and dry. She needs to climax too.

You also need to understand what works for your woman, what worked for your Ex, may not work for your current lady. This should be exciting to you, finding out what makes her go crazy and wild for you. (sadly Nigerian men are pretty lazy)

Every woman is singing Kelly Rowland, I like my kisses down low, make me hunch back. Most women want their men to be able to go down on them, so get to work, don’t be telling us you are a vegetarian when it comes to that, the lady part needs a lot of loving too. Dude get down there and get busy.

As for the Ladies:

We need to take charge.

Be proud of your body or get the body you want

Also know when to receive, relax and just let yourself enjoy the moment.

Let him know when he is not hitting it right.

Don’t fake it….s**t stop faking it.

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