Ladies Lets Talk About Us & Our Ways

In this era of social media, everything is always about how the guys are bad, how they cheat, how you may be the side chic, how you have suffered with him for years but he ended up marrying the other lady.

The stories of the ladies that gets beat up by their men, there are so many of these on social media that simply makes the species called “MAN” look terrible but at the end of the day most of us end up marrying MAN, so are they all that bad? The answer is NO.

However, I want to talk about the ladies and the crazies we do to the men.

A lot of times these guys have to more than 1000 miles to satisfy us:

Take for example the story that made me write this post:

There lived this guy, his wife, and kid, say let’s assume the guy’s name is Bayo who happens to be a banker, and his wife is a doctor, now everything is fine until Bayo gets sacked by the bank and then he slowly loses grip of his family (yes I know you have heard such stories before but please let me finish).

Bayo tries everything he could to get a new job but he was not successful, all while this was going on, wife starts to act up, she starts to complain about his shortcomings, slowly her shifts became so tight that she barely comes home.

To cut the long story short Bayo’s wife (Doctor) has moved out of the house and not just temporary but into another man’s house, living has the wife.

So my question is if a Doctor that maybe earning well can leave her husband not even bf because he lost his job what more a slay queen or a trophy wife.

Ladies in our bid to search for more than comfort-ability are we doing more than ourselves?

Criteria of the millennial ladies:

  1. To get with 65 percent of us, you have to at least drive a car – This is so crazy that even the girls that don’t mind dating guy without cars have been pressurized to not dating a guy that does not have cars because you need to save face at work, with friends and or your frenemies.
  2. What does he do? Give us another 3 years, we will be asking how much you earn at first dates. However, note that not every girl asks this question in a bid to determine your pocket, some girls ask just for conservation sake. (Yes some of us are still well grounded)
  3. How fashionable is he? – Dude, we need your fashion game to be at least very presentable- Which this not bad actually, some of us don’t want you sagging. Pull your pants up.
  4. How well do you pop at the club – why some of us want your bf to be popping at the club every other Friday is beyond me.
  5. Where do you stay – Mainland or Island ( this is a conversation for another day, as both male and female are so guilty of this)
  6. Apple or Android Gang
  7. Take my friends out to show them that my bae has money.


The list goes on and on, when you are asked the type man you want, you say God-fearing but your list and God-fearing are definitely not in the same book.

In the case of this Doctor that left her husband because he could no longer provide for the family, what do we say went wrong with her because the guy in question would have assumed that he had a rear gem and someone that will stay through thick and thin?


Millennial ladies, what is our priority?

To the men, since every social media page, most times only talk about how men are wicked, monsters& etc. Please send your Slay Queen Horror stories to

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  1. oh well,a good man should try as much as possible to start something and not lose his place as the man of the house

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