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The Iraqi city of Fallujah has been declared ‘fully liberated’ from Islamic state militants following a month-long battle.

Troops were seen shooting in the air, chanting and waving the Iraqi flag today as the news was announced live on Iraqi State TV.

Head of counter-terrorism forces, Lt Gen al-Saadi, said the operation ‘is done and the city is fully liberated.’

The military operation was backed by US-led coalition airstrikes and paramilitary troops.

Fallujah liberated from ISIS
So Last week the UK broke away from the EU – Brexit is now what they want to be called.
Am just happy pounds has crashed and i can now buy all those things i have been eyeing on ASOS. This means that they also need to apply for VISA to get into any country……you are welcome Brexit.

Truck driver gets 2yrs’ for getting in way of Mugabe’s motorcade

A Zimbabwean man has been sentenced to two years in jail for intercepting President Robert Mugabe’s motorcade in Harare.

Over there in Kano a man uses son has payment for bag of rice – Poverty ( Whatever your situation, somebody else is worse situation, so smile)


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