Lazy News – Summary of The News In Naija Today

This post is for lazy people that do not follow what the news, so i decided to take it upon my humble self to scan through a few things and let you know whatsapp……You Welcome.


One of the Boko Haram leaders that took part in the abducting the girls has surrendered to the Nigerian military, he is now helping the force to capture other BH leaders, at some point in his laive, he lost his leg in one of their attacks and even after that he still joined the BH gang to continue their rampage. However, he claims he was hypnotized and now realizes what he did was wrong. If you care about the story read here.



Apparently, Niger Delta Militants still want Yoruba’s (Ki la se) and Northerners out of their region. They say that we should leave before October 1st, 2017 (seriously). See what they said below:

“That the northerners and Yoruba should leave the Niger Delta before October 1, 2017; return of all the oil blocs own by northerners and Yoruba to Niger Delta people. Relocation of the oil and gas companies headquarters to their operational base as well as relocation of NNPC headquarters, all other offices that have to do with oil and gas; replacement of the Group Managing Director of NNPC.”  You can read the rest on Punch


NANS threatens call for JAMB’s scrapping if 120 cut-off mark not reversed – This is really painful to me because I know how many times a lot of my mates, myself included wrote Jamb just to make 200, howevr this is not about us.
The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has threatened to call for the scrapping of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) if it failed to reverse the low cut off points for admission into universities and polytechnics.


The electric vehicle revolution is a reality. Several countries including the UK, Germany, France and India have announced that combustible engine cars would be phased out between 2030 and 2040. It is sending shivers down the spines of oil Sheiks and oil-dependent nations across the globe. In a chat with the media in Abuja, the Chairman of Nigus, Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim, famous for his role in F1 design, says his company, Nigus, in collaboration with BYD of China, would import electric vehicles into Nigeria as from 2018 and start their assembly in the country by 2020. Read More Here

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