Let’s Talk About Sex



I had a mature conversation with a friend a couple of ┬ádays ago and we both realized MOST (not ALL) people have gone past seeing ┬ásex out of wedlock as a sin or a bad thing. Its soooooo normal that people don’t even raise an eyebrow when an unmarried man or woman talks about having sex. Have we lost touch so much that we don’t even care about it again?

I have heard some guys say they can’t marry virgins, not condemning non-virgins, there are times when a girl says she has been celibate for 2 years and then people say its impossible, like sex is the very oxygen we breathe everyday.

When you are in a relationship as a girl, you can’t tell the guy “oh i don’t want to have sex till am married”, the guy doesn’t even take you serious but upon realization that you are serious, the relationship begins to sink…except the guy is a serious christian brother, not like they are saints either.

Some people say sex is over-rated but then will literally beg a girl for sex like their life depends on it, this thing called sex barely lasts on max 20 mins (that’s even a lot of time), i don’t know where am going with this write up but i can simply say people don’t even realize that they can not live without it.

So who is at fault for this sin that is now a norm, the ladies or the men?


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  1. I think Sex is important in a relationship, well i think we have developed into the technology age where sex is way too exposed on the internet and no more sacred as it used to be.

    The best we can do is educate one and another about this sex thing since we can no longer control it.

    Sex is necessary though. As a man, I would say we can’t stay celibate as women do and have to engage in it, so instead of going out to look for it – its best we demand from our partners and build a relationship where we understand each one and others urge! lol

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