Like Seriously ” NO MEANS FREAKING NO”

It’s August 2017 and I still can’t believe I’m about to write about this topic, it has been over flogged on every platform on earth, forums, church, school, social media and everywhere else, I’m almost sure male animals have heard about “No means No”

So my friend had a little experience 2 weeks ago and even before she narrated the story, she was already blaming herself and we also made the same silly ass comment “that people will say it’s your fault for going to his house in the first place”

To what happened:

She has a colleague that has been on her case about her coming to visit him, he had been pleading for almost a year that she should come and visit, at some point so that you don’t seem like a stuck up b***h she decided to go to his place on that Friday, thinking it’s Friday anyway.

She got there and it seemed like fun at first but she noticed this MAN was trying to get her drunk, so she let him know that she was good, uncle turned deaf and then proceeded to touch her, Na play o, she told him to stop but as usual like every guy reading this is probably saying in their mind “it’s a lie, she wants me” then baba stripped naked, for a second she was dazed and then she realized this was beyond serious she pushed him out of her way with all the strength she had and ran out of the house, took a cab home.

So all y’all Georges and a few Georgina’s come and judge this one, when a girl says NO, even if you think she really wants you, STOP, don’t go any further, please have self-control.

Let’s stop this mentality that says when the girl says NO she wants you to continue, Yes there are some girls that play this trick but half of the time NO means NO, if she says No, then stop yourself, let her be the one to drive the boat before you label yourself a RAPIST.

To the ladies – we need to try to take ourselves from situation that may seem like S**T is about to go down, and when we say NO let it mean NO, don’t say I said No in that inviting or suggesting you are not sure NO is what you mean, Be ASSERTIVE with your NO, even if it happens, you can categorically say you did say NO. Please, Ladies.

Thank you


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