Love Like The 18th Century

Sitting in my chair watching Tiwa Savage’s video for “My Darling” and it got me thinking. Where is the love people, how did we get here, what happened to everyone.

Remembering my first love when i allowed myself to show love, sending love messages, singing, (what was i thinking though) seriously what happened?

Now most people are ¬†either too proud to show love or too scared to show it because of rejection. We are all guilty male and female, everyone and i’m sure animals don’t show as much love like they used in 18th century, given that we now see clips of same sex animals making love…ewwww.

What happened to the days of writing letters or dropping cute notes to bae or boo or text messages, thanks to bbm and whatsapp people barely take their time to send messages from the bum bum of their heart.

Now we want to show bae to the world because we want to know if there is another bae somewhere or not show boo/bae so that people will not pry into your life. What happened to just showing your love to the world irrespective of their opinions. True love does not exist that’s why.

What happened to just loving without doubts or any care in world all that matter is just being happy. I wish for real love like the 18th century.

Hello Oye… Its the 21st century, nobody cares.


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