Mainstream JAZZ ( Jazz is now on Social Media)

Since the inception of the internet in the early 2000s, a lot of businesses, people have made it via social media. Instagram has made a lot of people famous from comedians, speakers, actresses, Hair Moguls, Fashion houses and social media influencers. This is a really good thing, I must admit, especially for Nigerians were our government do absolutely nothing for us but make things worse, I’m really grateful for this.

To the real reason I’m writing this post, is the Jazzness of Social Media, Now we have modernized JAZZ, I’m shook, I had a conversation with my colleagues the other day about certain businesses on SM that sells all sorts of oils, sex toys, aromatherapy and everything sex, I thought it wasn’t bad but then here comes this soup and Local (Very bony ) Chicken, ladies are to eat this to make their Men love them more, I’m sorry but this is called ASEJE in my language, ask your yoruba friend, lets call a spade a spade, Why do I have to eat something to make my husband LOVE me more, what is the need? I thought Love happens naturally to the best of my knowledge.

I’m all for good, great and mindblowing sex and yes be adventurous from time to time but when we start taking things to the next level, hmm, on top this thing called sex, I’m so dumbfounded,  the packaging of these things on the internet is just amazing, that’s why I say Jazz has gone mainstream,  I saw another with the name “SPECIAL TOTO SWEETENER”. Men you guys are in deep shit.

Some of these sellers claim they do not sell to single girls except married ones, how easy is it to control that? A lot of Girls are desperate these days and will do anything and everything to get any MAN they want.

My 2 cents to the guys, BROTHER BE PRAYERFUL, Do as i say, Now hold your head and say My father, My God, every Jezebel that wants to destroy my career with TOTO Sweetener, let the TOTO catch fire.

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