Masters Or Nothing

I am at a point in my life where education has never been more confusing or should I say more unsure.

In Nigeria, after secondary school, it is not an option to stop school. Whether or not you can afford it, you just have to do it. We do not care about your passion, creativity and many talents you may have, if you do not do BSc. Like that is not even enough, we are now in an era where the pressure to have an MSc is at its peak.

Case Study : ME

Growing up i had a few talents, at 5 years old i could make dresses, skirts and many more with newspapers, i had my own sewing kits and i loved making this pieces, i could also make hair but i have Nigerian parents, how will they notice, anyways i digress. So i was a science student, did a bit above average in secondary school and in Uni is studied Microbiology and i did not disappoint.

So i served my country and fortunately i was able to get a job 4 months after at an E-commerce company, so now this is the problem, after BSc, everybody around is going for their Masters, people are asking you why you have not done yours. I ask myself you studied Microbiology and you work in an E-commerce firm, what course will i be doing in Masters to further my career in this industry…see the confusion, to be these people professional course is not Masters

My question is – is Masters that important? ┬áthe worse you travel out of the country for your masters, come back home and there is still no job, so what is the point.

When will you marry? When will yo start masters, when will you born?

What is all the pressure for?


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