Me, Goals & Foolishness

In Lagos, a city where almost everybody is hustling legally or illegally, there is little tiny ME (OYE)

I live on the mainland and I have never really considered living on the Island, I hear your WHY

I say WHY NOT, call it beef or whatever but my tiny little, flood free mainland is doing me just fine.

Anyways, I wake up every day thanks to God, join the many lagosians that are trying to make it legally ( I’m part of the legal Hustlers by the way)

I get to work, try to achieve & complete the task of the day, while also trying to achieve personal goals that I set for myself that day.

So I take each task one after the other, here comes by boss telling me what I should have done or not done and a colleague telling about the story of the woman that was nearly killed by her husband because she burnt the pot of soup and just like that my goals & objectives are thrown out of the window because OYE likes gist.

Where are my going with this post you ask, my dear, I really don’t know myself but have you eaten today?

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