Meet The Fcuk Man

We have all heard the various tales of a fcuk boy. They are everywhere and well they are smart and know how to get what they want from the ladies without commitment and all that drama. Yeah you get the drift.

But I want to talk about a fcuk Man – this is a MAN ( man in caps because it’s a MAN) who happens to be above the age of 32, yeah am giving 30, 31 & 32 the grace of sorting their life out but for a MAN that is over 32 and literally behaves like a boy is another level.

I will pick a fcuk boy over a fcuk man any day and time.Here’s why:
A fcuk man has a good job, most times and will definitely has a great ride but may not necessary have a furnished home or may be living with someone.
A fcuk man literally has mid-life crisis and may just be into various businesses and is constantly in a fight with his family members.

A fcuk man is often times stingy not because he is but because he feels he feels like you are all the money.

A fcuk man thinks he knows everything and thinks you should agree with him because he has more experience than you, literally shoving is immaturity in your face (thinking he is matured)

A fcuk man is not ready to settle down, he is steady always trying to date every girl he meets every day. (Good news is that he doesn’t get the girls…lol) ( olojukokoro, omo iya osogbo- don’t ask me, it just felt good to add that)

So my friends and I have a fcuk man in our lives ( Our lives because one way or the other he has asked each one of us out at intervals, maybe he thought we won’t tell each other or we were not that close, little did he know)

Anyways – the plan is, he is going on a date supposedly with one of us ..However, we ALL have a surprise in store for him.. Oh this is gonna be  so good…

If you are thinking what we are thinking, then you may just be right  #Winks

This will be fun…..yeah roll your eyes all you want, but am so gonna enjoy this one.

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