Men & Women Are Equal

I love Ugo’s view about Gender Equality :

I believe gender equality, gender equity, gender fairness or any other conceptualised explanation of men and women having equal access to equal rights are separated by nothing other than semantics. They mean the same thing from where I stand and are just products of everyone trying to find intellectual self expression, which isn’t a bad thing.

As the human race has evolved it has had to deal with acknowledging that different factions of the human race are equal, which led to movements like the civil rights movements. Now we’re embroiled in a battle over what again is simple logic. Let’s remove all the intellectual, religious and cultural red tape and call a spade a spade. Men and women are 110% equal and yet totally different.

Things don’t have to be the same to produce equality. 1+1, 4-2, 12-10, 22-20 are not the same mathematical problems but are all equal to 2. The left and the right side of the human brain perform completely different functions and are responsible for a lot of dissimilar activities but not only are they both equally part of the brain, they are both of equal importance to the functioning of the human body.

It’s that simple logic that says men and women maybe totally different but are also equally important to the furtherance of the human race. It’s common sense!

To insinuate God didn’t make man and woman equal is tomfoolery. God gave man and woman different family responsibilities. Ask yourself why both Adam and Eve were punished for a sin that some might argue would not have happened if Eve hadn’t listened to the serpent. They were punished differently but both to equal devastating effect. Even in the ministry of Jesus the women were the bread winners while the men did the caring.

The global society has seen women lead homes and businesses better than men ever could, it has also seen men raise homes better than women ever could. A woman might not lead like a man, a man might not care like a woman, but a woman can lead, should lead if she wants to, a man can care and should care if he wants to. Besides not even all women care alike, neither do all men lead alike does it now mean that even amongst men or women not all are equally ‘man’ or ‘woman’?

Both genders deserve equal access to equal rights, a level playing field where no one starts the race several steps ahead of the other and where no one gets to use a bicycle while the other runs.

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