Men’s Shoes and their Personalities

Most guys like to pretend like they do not care about fashion, but you should know that your shoes says a lot about your personality.

Yeah, we know that guys do not care about fashion as much as we ladies do, but every girl can tell which guy to stay away from a guy depending on the shoe he his wearing.

However,  our thoughts may not completely depict who you are but this is how we’re sizing you up. So you might want to take some notes

1. The Regular Vans guy



You are very low maintenance, laid back and easy going, atimes absent minded, probably late to everything.

2. The Loafers Kind of Man



Mr High maintenance, weeh done sir, loafers should require standard upkeep.

3. The Converse Guy



He his fun and playful. A kid at heart who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Everybody’s friend, be very careful because the friend zone is always eminent

4. Mr Jordans



Trust me this guy does not play with sneakers, sneakers is his life, he might miss your birthday but as least he his committed to his shoes.

5. The Oxford Kind of Man



This guy is no joke, sophisticated, impeccable style and taste, he means serious business and looks like a gentleman, however that does not mean he his one

6.  The Boat Shoes Man

boat shoes

You like looking put together, we get it, which means you probably take as much time picking out your outfit as we do. You like to accessorize with man-purses and overpriced sunglasses, and you’ll enjoy going on shopping trips with us. Guys who wear boat shoes stand with their hands in the pockets of their seersucker tailored shorts and say things weird things

7. The Boot Man



These suede ankle boots are trendy yet understated, masculine but not aggressive. This guy is detail-oriented and not at all flashy. He’s more interested in maintaining his independence and shady promiscuity than he is into you.

So guys, which of these men are you?

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