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Model College Chronicles – Episode 2

So Js 2 was not any better, if anything the suffering got worse, I remember I wrote a letter to my mum informing her about all the suffering I was enduring and I made sure a drop of tear landed at a very strategical spot on the paper, just to make sure she realised I was crying but sadly that BS did not work, the woman did not bulge, I was very sure my mum was working in favour of my wicked seniors.

Our seniors were our bunkmates in Junior class, they slept on the top bunk while we got the lower bunks, My bunk was joined with another, me and my family friend were side bunkmates (so we had adjoining bunks), our bunkmates at the top were in SS2 – we were practically their slaves or maybe I was my bunkmate’s slave – this was because I was quite ugly (or considered that) in secondary school, which meant no school mother and people will just be mean to you for no reason (Truth – cause you were ugly or that’s how I felt), my side bunkie had it better than I did with her senior bunk mate (she was pretty). My only saving grace was my Guardian and he stayed the school.

This was my routine in JS 2 during the week:

Wake up by 4:30am, go and have my bath before my evil seniors are awake, pack my check (what we wear after school hours), my plates, cutlery, books and textbooks (you don’t want them stolen), all these go into my school bag and I’m off, never to be seen again until 10 pm when I need to sleep again – this was my routine every day during the week, weekends … another story altogether

Two of the major events that really made my life terrible at JS2 & 3:

I had the same bunkmate and side bunkmate for both years, remember I mentioned that my bunk was joined with another, my side bunkie’s bunkmate ( does this make sense) does not sleep deep at all because she forbids you to turn or change position while in bed, the moment she feels that you are shaking the bunk, she tells you to go and find somewhere else to sleep that night and that was it. I was always the one shaking the bunk most times, so she tells me to leave the bed for them, I will go sit on someone else’s bed and just manage there till the next day or hopefully she wakes up from her beauty sleep and remembers that she exiled me from my bed, my side bunkmate was always so still, I do not know how she was so good at that.

2nd Major Event:

My own bunkmate Dotun was a Muslim including all her friends, so during Ramadan, she will wake me up at 4 am to go get her food sometimes or simply wake me up to do one thing or the other. When she and all her friends are done with their food, they give me all their plates to go wash . The journey to look for water to wash the plates and make sure the plates do not get missing was tormenting.

Sadly sometimes I misplace the plates and I was forever indebted to those seniors, fetch their water, collect their food and any other punishment they deem fit for misplacing their plate.

To be continued





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