Model College Chronicles

If you went to the secondary school in the early 20s, then you will be able to relate to a few things below, especially if you were in a boarding school:

1. Seniors way back were so old and big it was simply impossible to call them by their names, you just knew that they were not your mate on every level.


2. Everybody listened to westlife except me, i just could not understand  the craze…..i still don’t like their songs

3. The rumour you never saw happened – seniors aborted their babies with hangers by straightening out the hanger and making a small bend at the top. ouch..

Secondary School



Secondary School


So the hanger is suppose to look like that for the procedure…..gawd how did we even believe that people could do this

4. Plantashun Boiz and the problem they caused during social nites… #youandiaremeanttobetogetherbaby..can’tyousee…

5. That beef every secondary girl in a mixed school had with Queen’s college girls like they were stealing the boys…..

6. Most male biology teachers were pervs…..

7. The Infamous Saturday beans, if you are a boarder…..

8. If you were  2005 set, when you got to ss1, secondary school became junior & secondary and you became the junior in senior secondary just like being in js1 all over again, Js3 students were SS3 student in their school…#thepain

9. Are you that junior that spat in your seniors food….



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