My Angle – Shatta Wale & Dammy Krane

Shatta Wale ( Award Winning Reggae Artist from Ghana) in an interview with Kasapa fm says he doesn’t see anything extraordinary about wizkid. This, he said was contrary to the popular notion most of his colleagues have about the artist.

He said more:

“We are living a life where upcoming youths are watching people get surprised of my achievement because they don’t have mind to elevate themselves. – I’m really trying to grasp the logic here, there has to be a deeper meaning to what this means… 

“I don’t see wizkid to be too much for me but most of my Ghanaians and Ghanaian colleagues see him like that. – This my brother is called Jealousy, have you heard the word before?

“But I want wizkid to see me and be like wow not otherwise because what is talking is your pocket, property, investment. – When you say not otherwise, nobody asked you to be wowed when you see wizkid, who is pressurizing you Shatta?

“I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste. – This is the only thing that you have said that makes sense why? because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Congrats on finally making sense in one sentence

“Don’t come and wear a chain which is fake and come and say we the biggest artistes in Africa , we are number 1. – hmmm still processing

“I don’t get scared of those things, making money in music is no joke thing my business is making money for me.- this is good, glad you understand that making money is the point.

“My colleagues are really working hard like May weather, Christiano Ronaldo don’t think my colleagues are Ghanaian of Nigerian artistes.” – I have no idea what this sentence means

We can clearly see that Uncle Shatta has an IQ of a 16 or maybe 18 year old, I pray that when your IQ is older, you will be able to pass your message clearly or you can do it in your language too, interpreters can help make things clearer to us.


However, Dammy Krane, who is Now Signed to Wordstar Records, tweeted that he was in full support of Shatta Wale’s Statement.

He wrote, “I stand by you my g @shattawalegh. Real things we deal with…no fake hype!”

Sadly, I really like Dammy Krane but Uncle you need to stay off SM, if the only thing you want to do is get into more controversies. This is not America where any type of publicity is good for your career. This is Nigeria, stop tweeting silly sh*t, get busy with your craft, do positive things, look at the jounger ones (in falz’s voice) Kiss Daniels take a que from him, stop picking quarrels with everyone and let your music speak for you or let them die in you. The choice is yours, you should be grateful that you did not spend the better part of your life in prison over fraud. #sillyboy.

Yes nobody asked me for my opinion but it’s my blog, come and beat me in my house.

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