MY Job Story Is Tough…. But My Strength is Tougher

On June 20th 2015 I wrote a job test at one of the blue banks in Nigeria, I got to the test venue at 12 noon as the test was to start at 2pm. My credentials were checked and all was fine. The test questions came, It was mathematics and english language; I was not worried because I had studied hard.

In August, I got a mail inviting me for a panel interview. I was excited that my hardwork paid off. After the panel interview, I was invited for another interview with an executive member of the group, It was a success.

In september,I was invited for the final interview with the head of human capital and yes! it was another success. I was so happy that my dream of working with a prestigious organisation, building a firm career and supporting my dad who is currently a patient at the National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi, Lagos was so close to becoming a reality. He would be so proud of his litte girl.

I was invited to resume the training school on october 5th 2015 as one of the successful 22 out of thousands of people who applied. I could not stop thanking God.

Ths intensive training programme was run for almost two months, I worked extra hard on courses like accounting, financial statement analysis and treasury because I was an art student in secondary school and I studied communications in one of the top Nigerian Universities where I got a B.A and M.A degree. I had also previously worked with a PR firm and an online store. So I have never been a genius with figures but I work hard to improve everyday.

To my suprise, when the results were released I had 80% in accounting, 72% in FSA and 66% in treasury. I was also among the top 5 overall with an aggregate of 86.2%. All my nights of losing sleep paid eventually paid off, right? oh no it didn’t exactly pay off.

On friday, the 13th of November we all reported at the bank’s headquaters for documentation and a motivational speech. I got there at 6.36am, happy chicken like me. The motivational speech was given by an impeccable speaker. He talked about being strong and responding positively to negative situations. I had no inkling the speech was going to take me through an event that was going to happen in the next 20 minutes.

A very cheerful lady came in and looked at our credentials, then it started happening , I was asked go and see a man who was suprised I got to that stage with a D7 in mathematics in my O’level exams because I was supposed to have been sent back on June 20th when I wrote the test.

He walked me into a room and left me there. 10 minutes later, another man walked in and said ” we are sorry, you can’t proceed with the programme. Don’t worry we won’t ask you to return what we spent in training you .you must have at least a credit in mathematics, it was stated in the mail we sent inviting you for the test.  it’s our policy, though you did well in training school” I broke down in tears, I felt so dumb.

As he walked out, I thought to my self… “how didn’t you pay attention to the details in the mail”  then again I thought “but I worked so hard in training school, I have the experience to add value to the organisation, I have spent so much time and lost a lot of sleep to get here.” “what has o’level maths got to do with me performing on the job, will I be needing a graph book and four figure table to add value and show my skills on the job? I wrote my o’level exam when I was not sure of plans for my career or my life and my parents still pulled my ears to study” oh well… again it’s their policy.

Another lady walked in and gave me a motivational talk. she was nice. I was too ashamed to walk into the room where my colleagues were to pick my bag, so I asked a friend to help me. I went home in tears and shame.I broke the news to my mum. she cried and prayed with me.

The hardest part was telling my father who is lying on a hospital bed. he was my personal alarm clock and support while I was in training school. I gathered courage and told him when I paid him my first visit in one month beacause I spent all my spare time studying. He gave me the biggest hug, shed a tiny tear and said “my dear, you are the brightest person I know. God has better plans for you, he let you go through that training for a reason, you will understand soon” Goodness! my dad was stronger than me, he gave me hope. I immediately wiped my tears.

I sent a mail to the CEO, copied the head of human capital to see if my performance at the training school could mean more than my o’level result but the reply that came said it couldn’t. it was a standard they could not go back on.

Today the 26th of November 2015, the other 21 are in a fancy hotel preparing for their graduation, while I am here praying to God for a Job ( I didn’t mention I had one I resigned from when I resumed the training school); praying for healing for my dad;sending out applications and writing this story at 03.20 am(Nigerian time).

Till this moment I have to explain to a lot of loved ones why I am at home on weekdays. I kept lying the first week that we were given some time to rest. but you trust naija people now….. lol, this is the second week and they wondering if I am going to be employed as the CEO of the bank because the kind of rest I am getting is only deserved by the CEO. I have now gathered strength to tell the truth, who knows someone might just refer me for a life changing job opportunity.

I am stronger now, I believe God has amazing plans for me, I even gave accounting, FSA and treasury a run for their money. Who knew a girl with pass in mathematics that had always shown interest in brand communication and writing could do so well in accounting courses?

Believe in yourself and work hard to improve. Don’t let anyone tear you down or make you lose focus, you can do much more than you think. Above all, pray for God’s perfect plan in his perfect time, it works.



A girl waiting for her miracle.


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