My Skin Care Journey

I’m one of those girls who doesn’t care about the soap, moisturizer, cream etc i use. It’s really difficult to just use a particular brand, there is so much to choose from, why will i just pick one …hmmm… today i will use Dettol, tomorrow, lux and on another irish spring, it all depends on what i can lay my hands on.

Don’t even get me started on cream, from Goya Oil (AKA Olive Oil), Vaseline, Ori (Shea butter), Nivea, Jergens, trust me i have used a lot, it also depends on how am feeling when i run out of body cream. As a dark girl, my dad and i are constantly checking my skin tone to make sure i don’t become lighter….*rme*

So for the first time, since i have come of age and after all the dragging and talking from friends and well wishers,  i have decided to get myself this brand for the soap i bought Fair & White (the Gold ).

Body Treatment Journey


I specifically asked the dermatologist ( I lie, more like the girl at the store) if this will not make me fair, i can’t be explaining why i am lighter…

For cream, i decided to go with an oil from Namaste Organics, the smell is amazing with a mixture of a lot natural herbs and the coolest part is that its a Nigerian Brand (#growthenaira).



You can get this oil or other natural products here


I will give an update on whether these products made my skin GLOW or make my melanin pop….lol

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