My Spark Review

Just a week back, I went to see a cousin who just put to bed a bouncing baby girl. In my usual paparazzi self, I took lots of pictures but forgot my Spark phone.  I hurried back to retrieve it but caught them going through my phone. I got angry, my secret love notes will be revealed, but when I got closer they were going through the pictures. A sigh of relieve!

Next, I heard comments like; wow! These pictures are really bright. Which phone is this? How much did you get it? Where did you get it? Can you sell it to me?

Now; the truth is; I didn’t know the phone took such great pictures, I only bought it because of its sleek nature, but I got exposed to more amazing features of the phone that day, and I loved it even more.

Just while I was about to leave without answering all their questions, my cousin; said ‘can I please use your phone on my child’s naming ceremony?’

Then it dawned on me – My phone is worth more than I thought.

That’s the reason I had to do my personal TECNO Spark Review:

          The Camera

I must have spoken a lot about the camera, except the specifications. I will have you know that it sports a 5MP front camera, and a 13MP back camera. Both the front facing and the rear cameras are to die for.

I cannot share photos from the naming ceremony because they are confidential, but I will share environmental pictures I took with the device.


The fingerprint sensor

Who would have thought a phone this affordable will also come with one of the best kinds of security? Upon finding out that the TECNO Spark comes with a fingerprint sensor, purchasing it became a must.

The fingerprint helps you to take pictures with ease, unlock your phones swiftly, and beautify the phone in a way that stands it out.

Its design

Talk about the antenna band that sits perfectly just right in between the rear camera and the flashlight, giving the TECNO Spark phone a perfect look.

Another important quality is the fact that it is very handy. Stays in the hand, and does not slip easily.

A battery that does more

The battery of the TECNO Spark got me. Who would have thought a phone this budget friendly will have such an amount of battery – 3000mAh?

The battery can run for a full day, under heavy use.


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