You Do Not Want To Be A Nag

There is a thing between speaking your mind and nagging.

Nagging is defined as a process where one person repeatedly requests the other person to do something, and the other person repeatedly ignores it, leading to frustration for both parties.

In society, nagging is predominantly seen between spouses or romantic partners. While both men and women nag, men seem to restrict their nagging to other men, while women seem to spare no one! This has created the stereotype of the nagging wife or nagging girlfriend.

Girl,  when you are about to complain about something, you need to ask yourself a few questions :

  1. How many times have i said this?
  2. Has he made any attempt to make corrections about this complaints?
  3. Does he hear you when say this thing?


Do this instead :

Find a More Productive Way of Communication :

After a person has been nagged at for an extended amount of time, they tend to ignore anything they think of as nagging.

You will need to come up with a way to actually talk to your man about things, instead of being a nag.

Make sure you both have the same idea about how the relationship is supposed to work.

Let him Know How It Feels To Be Let Down:

If you’ve asked over and over and over again for your boyfriend to do something to help out and he still hasn’t pulled through, try giving him a taste of his own medicine instead of nagging.

Ask a couple of times and if he doesn’t comply you can show him how it feels first hand to be let down.

For instance, after you asked two times for your guy to help with the dishes, he still goes and watches the game on television.

After a half an hour has passed he asks you to make a nice meal because the guys are coming over to catch the rest of the game.

You can politely decline making it by letting him know you really don’t have time since you had to finish doing things on your own that you had asked him to help you with.



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