Natural Hair Vs Relaxed Hair


So  out of thinking so much of what to write i decided to write about the Natural Hair craze that has taken over town.

So every girl is now like embrace your root, love your hair, treat your hair bla bla bla, they do not tell you how uneasy the natural hair journey is. I have had two friends that have embarked on this natural hair journey only to return back home….(wherever that is) after a few months.

There is this natural hair salon in my area, i heard that a trip to the salon is about 7,000, the economists amongst them will tell you, buying the product is easy, make your own product buy coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil, palm kernel oil and very soon you will be adding peanut butter and maybe nutella to make the hair dark and chocolatey……lol…..

Am not trying to be mean but with the craziness about natural hair just maybe we should relax a bit and do what you want not what people are doing, we don’t always have to follow the crowd on every journey.

Whatever side you are on you are still going to be beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Vs Relaxed Hair”

  1. in my opinion, trying to maintain both can be hard work, it still depends on the preference of the lady. If you were to ask a lady who maybe because of religion or just personal preference has never had her natural hair permed she would say it is easy because one she really does not go through buying the “products” that you need to keep the hair healthy and well treated mainly what those ladies do is wash, comb and be about their day. however, from a lady who is used to the permed kind of hair who decides to go natural this would be more still, at the end it balls down to preference and if as a lady you have the time, money and patience to go about the so called “natural hair race” then by all means go ahead.
    come to think of it with all the products that needs to be applied to the hair to keep it natural is it still natural? cause most of the products are mixed from chemicals too.

  2. I tried the natural hair journey myself but even last more than 3months…. And that’s me that is supposed to to have soft hair.. Relaxed hair all the way mehn

  3. I cant try it. It’s not easy to comb, you can’t leave your hair while you fix it, you have to use a silk closure or close the hair, giving it a fake look. And it looks rough most of the time.. I don’t like it.

  4. I’m still trying to struggle between keeping it natural or relaxing.. 6 months and still counting. Let’s see how it goes

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