How To Contour the Back of Your Neck …..yes the back of your neck

Makeup is beautiful, gives hope to everyone, no matter what you look like, with make up there is always hope.

These days in the make-up world you have to keep up or just give up, from the days of  simple eyeshadow and lip gloss or lipstick, we moved to having tones of different eyeshadow on one eyelid, then the era of contouring came up, contour your nose, your cheekbones, jawline, neck and now i present to you a video on how to contour the back your neck.







One neck is thinner than other, so basically we are now trying to make our neck look slimmer and longer… e gba mi who Long Neck don epp…like the face beat and contouring is not enough now this…..i give up

Anyways its just white people craze for now….

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