Its No Longer News – Bandanas Are In Style Again

Bandana Choker 2

If you are a 90’s kid like me, you remember putting on bandana’s in school, it was the in-thing back then, styled with baggy jeans, it was for the cool kids.

This style was first introduced to us by Tupac but it was made mainstream by other artistsĀ from Jennifer Lopez – Destiny’s Childs. However, here we are in 2017 and bandana is in style again.

A few ways to style you bandana if you don’t know how to rock this style:

Has a choker

Apparently, you can now rock it has a bracelet, this is something I could try on a day that I m really feeling myself

Choker Bandana

Has A Bracelet & Anklet

Bracelet bandana

Bracelet bandana 4

Bracelet 3

Has an Accessory for your hair – This is the most comfortable and common way the bandana is rocked.

Bandana Scarf

Bandana Turban



Has A Belt

Belt Bandana

Which of these will you be trying out?





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