Noodles & Shrimp Is So Regular

The struggle to put up a post is really hard, when i started blogging i knew it won’t be as easy as making noodules garnished with shrimps ( my thing lately, no time to be removing shell abeg, chop it together) but brotherly and sisterly it is as difficult as making pounded yam (this may not be difficult for some people).

I started blogging because i wanted to learn more about SEO ( search engine optimization) but the thing is really broad, it was fun for a moment and then it was no longer fun but because i like to push myself, i kept studying about it little by little, hopefully i will get there.

Another update, i have been on a journey on self discovery and mapping out what is right for me, masters or business but trust this economy to not smile at young entrepreneurs. I was considering getting a shop space but then Nuli Juice happened (the stores that were brought down by the fed goverment, look it up online) and it sort of threw me of balance but i’m still trying to figure that out, hopefully i will come out on top in this battle with my fears. So for other entrepreneurs, please do not give up.

Last Update – I also noticed that Nepa gave us light for a pretty long time (it was too constant for a month), kept hoping these guys will take the light but they refused until the transformer blew (is this even correct…woreva) which was my initial fear. Anyways they fixed that after almost 9 days (dont ask me how i survived) the light is back to normal, with a bit of balance. (I do not think we are ready for constant light so far)

Anyways i’m back and hopefully, i won’t disappear again for too long.

Oye signs out


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