I’M Not Beautiful

She is so beautiful, her skin is glowing, she is soo perfect..

I can never be like that, she tells herself,

My life is a mess, no one can admire me like they admire her,

What am I saying, just look at her, If I were a guy, I would be drooling too.

I have acne, my skin does not glow,

My hair is terrible, the list goes on and on

she has successfully told herself the worse about herself.

Ladies we need to understand that we are more than our physical appearances, there is so much more to us than our beauty and Yes I said “beauty” because everybody has something unique about their physical being that makes them attractive.

However, to be beautiful on the outside, you need to be confident, walk the walk and talk the talk, if you have to fake confidence, fake it till you realise being confident is YOU, what makes us different from the next person (i.e that thing you do not appreciate about yourself ) is actually most times our biggest strength and you need to build that to become the WOMAN you are meant to be.

Read books on confidence, get involved in the conversation, don’t be stay behind like you are not invited, ask questions, educate yourself about little of everything, that way you know that no matter the crowd you may one or two things to impact their lives.

Staying out has never helped anybody, you will simply watch everyone else live life to the fullest.

Be the confident woman and your glow will shine through.


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