So Not My Type…Am An Ass Guy……He has to be Tall

Pretty Sure we have all heard this from our friends before, whether boy or girl, everybody seems to have some type of preference when it comes to dating, for girls its either they want Tall, dark, fine, financially stable etc, the guys be like, boobs all day, nahh that ass, light skinned etc.

This stereotypes are not just words, they are locked in our minds unconsciously and it influences our decisions in choosing life partners. A lot of people seem to always have issues in their relationships and they don’t realize that they have been dating their type and your type might be the reason you are not getting it right when it comes to relationships.

Yes this might not be case for everybody and yes some people get lucky with their types but if you have been dating and it has not been working, this might just be because you have a type and you have unconsciously locked your mind from dating anybody that does not fit into your list.

So if you like a girl with big ass and that as always been the first reason you walk to a girl, then try a girl with little or no ass at all, she might just be the one for you, same goes for the ladies…looking for tall boos upandan, try the short guy, he may just be the one for you.

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