One Man Business In Nigeria

One Man Business

What comes to your mind when you hear “One Man Business”

For an average Nigerian, the phrase “One Man Business”  leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

The average Nigerian owned business does not care about the welfare of their employees instead they are only concerned with their output.

Is this a genetical disorder passed on from person to person? Do they go to village council meetings on how to make life difficult for their employees?

After NYSC, my first job was at a pharmaceutical company, which was owned by “One Man”. The experience was terrible, I managed to survive working there for 3 months, I did not care about not having another offer but I was sure that sitting at home was better than the physical, emotional & mental stress I was going through.

In my case, the problem was not the GM but his secretary, who was his self-appointed Assistant General Management and her goal was to make life miserable for everyone in the organization and he let it happen.

Clocking in at 8:01 am attracts N500 per day, i.e if you come to work at 8:05 am every day of the week that means your salary minus 2500 by end of the month.

Most of these companies do not care about employee benefits, No HMO, Pension, leave Bonuses, heck some companies would not let you go on leave.

Worse, they deduct tax from your salary which is not remitted to the government and these salaries are not paid on time.

Your opinion does not count and things go left, you become the fall guy.

Have you worked in companies such as this? Share your story below

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