My Opinion : Mother Beats Daughter For Being A Thot

So i saw this post on a blog the other day and the caption read “Mother violently beats up her 16 year old daughter for posting explicit pictures with boyfriend on Facebook”

I have a problem with the Violent in that caption. Yes, this does not really concern us because we are Africans and this happened at the other end of the world in America but lets take a look at the era we are in, these days we have a lot teachers in our government schools being reported for beating or disciplining students and then social media calls for the head of that teacher, so we are headed there already, were you won’t be able to beat your child.

Yes some teachers take it to a whole new level but are all teachers really that evil or is it impossible to say that student can be rude and won’t do things that require being flogged, this is why a lot of kids in the united states lack manners and become thots, join bad gang and doing a whole lot because the parents did not do their job properly.

Back to this mother daughter matter, the girl in question posted the picture below on her facebook :


The mother decided to teacher a lesson whick in my opinion is a lot of jabs here and there, what we will call tospy (jara or whatever you used to call it back in the day) half of the time the mother could be heard shouting and scolding her about what she did plus the beating, i did not see the violent part.

Now, lets come to Africa here, just imagine you as a 16 year old girl and you get liver, you sef try post that picture, abi the thing just dey your room, your dad sees it…hmm or your mum, check the video below and tell me if that’s all you will get, yes maybe posting on Facebook maybe too much which i may agree to but if you want to show the world you are having sex, then you can also take the beating on the platform.

I trust African parents and how they will react to such things, be thankful you are well enough to tell the story, so bloggers using the word violently already passes the wrong message, it simply says the mother doing wrong, kids need to know they are doing something wrong when they do such things


Let me know what you think.

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