Oye’s Dairy – Episode 4 – Misunderstood

I cried a few days ago, Why? because I’m a very misunderstood person.

My close friend told me I had to change if people were complaining about it, just like she had to change her late coming to every event planned.

I thought to myself, a habit is different from one’s nature, right?

What is this thing, I’m talking about, MY EXPRESSIONS that’s what it is.

When I argue (by the way I love to argue) or explaining myself, I can be overly passionate which makes people think that I’m upset and given my loud voice top it, I cannot blame them.

This has it owns positives; when I go for interviews, it makes me look like I know what I m saying cause there are a lot of gesticulations.

On the flip side, just a few people understand this about me but lately, it has been getting to me because of comments like, “I’m not fighting with you” Or “Why are you angry”. #sadface

Basically, I have now decided to keep quiet or just listen, instead of joining conversations or arguments simply to avoid the questions above.

I do not think it is the right decisions but I think its best for now till I can find a way to manage my overly expressive body & face language.

Any suggestions?



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