Oye’s Dairy – Malaria (Episode 2)

I know I said I will be consistent with this segment, sadly, I have not been, so I apologize for my 2-week delay

In the last 2 weeks, I have been in & out of the hospital because of the one & only Malaria (AAs & Malaria = 1)

In 2 and half months, I have treated malaria twice, in the first episode, I self-medicated, Yes, roll your eyes away (Typical Nigerian).

The second episode, I went to the hospital and I specifically told the doctor that we should run a test but he refused and said my symptoms show that I have malaria (Trust me, I was upset too). So, I was given another round of drugs.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I came down with malaria and this time I insisted on a test but alas, it was simply a resistant strain of Malaria but this time I got 3 giant injections, I cried….. (some of us cannot grow into it).

I also went for an interview recently and it was not one of my best, the interviewer was definitely not an HR person, that’s all I will say, they got back to me 48 hours later to say I did not get the role, surprise..lol

Like most people, I did not take it well but I have decided to use this setback has the motivation to be better, How? I do not know yet but I’m working on it.

I have also not taken any classes on my SQL course but I have being brushing up on my excel skills, hopefully, the next couple of days will be better.

Excel Tip: Did you know that you can tell excel what you want to do and it will suggest the formulas to use?

Where this function is: Click on formulas – Lookup & reference – Insert Function – Describe what you are trying to do – Go

What do you intend to differently this week? You still have 2 days left


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