Oye’s Diary – Expectations & Disappointments Episode 3

This week I struggled between trying to remain strong for myself and breaking down into a million pieces.

I have had lots of ideas but Implementation is the problem, considering “FUNDING”.

My parents have given me the best that they can offer, which is my education, fortunately, I have a job but that is not enough to cater to my needs.

We all understand the current situation of Nigeria and its beginning to look like the only way to win this race, is to leave this country.

We have an economy that gives the opportunity to rich while the poor only get poorer. Over the couples of weeks, I have reconsidered my stand to vote in the upcoming 2019 elections, why? becauseĀ INEC has shown where their loyalty lies given the show of shame at Osun State gubernatorial election held in September 2018.

As a young Nigerians struggling to earn an honest living, I wonder, if there is any hope for me. Sadly, I love my country and it breaks my heart to admit that, the country eats its young alive.

My thoughts this week……

I hope you are having a better week than….



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