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Amaechi Is Hungry

The DG of Buhari’s Campaign Organisation, Rotimi Amaechi, told Nigerians complaining about hunger  that he himself is hungry. He said the  Peoples Democratic Party caused the hunger by stealing money from the nation’s purse while in power.

He urged Nigerians to demand that the PDP return the nation’s stolen money. The former Rivers State governor also claimed that the opposition was broke and hungry. He said that’s why the party wants to return to power by all means.

He said “The money they stole is what is making me hungry. Tell them, to bring the money.

“The PDP stole $2bn for 2015 elections but we still defeated them. They are broke, they are hungry and they want to come back to steal.

OYE: The fact that the APC won’t stop pointing fingers at the PDP is just appalling, do your jobs is all we require you to do. 


Thailand deploys rainmaking planes as pollution chokes Bangkok

As Thais woke up on Monday morning to another day of murky air blanketing its bustling construction-filled capital, environment group Greenpeace said Bangkok was currently the 10th most polluted in the world, rivalling some cities in China.

Reasons for the persistent smog includes combustion exhaust from Bangkok’s traffic-strewn roads,  burning of fields from farmers outside the city, and pollutants from factories.

Thailand is set to deploy rainmaking planes to seed clouds in an effort to tackle the pall of pollution that has shrouded the capital in recent weeks.

The weather modification technique involves dispersing chemicals into the air to aid cloud condensation, which should, in theory, result in rain.

OYE: All I can think of is how this is needed Port Harcourt but this is Nigeria, we only care about embezzlement

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