Parenting Now & Then

Back in the day, when i do something wrong as child, i can already imagine the feel of the dreaded “Abara” my mum will give me.

Or say i eat at my neighbor’s place…..and she finds out …..dead, or just maybe you and your mum are at the neighbour’s together and they offer you something, your mum gives you the” i-double-D-dare- you-look-to-collect-it” You will simply respect your small age and look the other way.

These days you wee hear, Tamilore “go to the nutty corner” (is it weird that their names are nicer these days….hmmm) in my mind, am like nutty corner bawo….

Pro’s of Parenting Then :

We can have respect shaaaa….

Don’t talk when your elders are talking.

You know what to say at the right time & place

You understand sign language

Kneel properly on your knees or prostrate when greeting (who that one don epp?) 

Community Training ( Your parents can travel and there will still be eyes on you)

Pro’s of Parenting Now :

Kids are more confident these days.

They are more inquisitive ( a conversation with my then 5 years old cousin at the beach a few years ago)

Him : I want to swim    Me : You can’t swim here

Him : I swim in the pool in school why can’t i swim here  Me : This is an ocean and that is a pool

Him : Aunty what is difference between a pool and an ocean

Me : Your pool in school is shallow while this is deep

Him : mmm what is the difference between shallow & deep

Me : rme… shallow pool lets you play around without drowning while in the deeper one, you can drown.

Him : Why will i drown  Me : #crying…Because there isn’t enough oxygen for you to inhale, which leads to death.

Him : If you die where will you go Me : Go and ask your mother 

They are smarter

Con’s of Parenting Then:

Kids had complex issues

Lack of confidence

No personal relationship as a result of fear

Con’s of Parenting Now:

Over Exposure

Kids these days are just rude

Dependent of their parents.



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