Police May Arraign Senator Elisha Abbo Today

In the past 2 weeks, the impact of Social Media has progressed into the real world with protests felt across the nation, one of theses many protest was an assault against a citizen by Senator Elisha Abbo, who is unfortunately the youngest Senator in the House of Assembly.

To say I’m disappointed is an under-statement for how I feel because this senator did not just abuse his power but decided to hit a woman over his ballooned ego about how he was treated in an Adult Sex toy shop & this is who is suppose to support the youth.

Due to this incident, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command may charge Senator Elisha Abbo to court today. Senator Abbo is being investigated by the police following an assault case captured on CCTV in Abuja, where he slapped a sales girl repeatedly in a sex toy shop. He was detained but he however met his bail conditions & was released.

According to a THISDAY interview with the police commissioner, Bala Ciroma, said the senator may be charged to court today.

the FCT Police Commissioner, Bala Ciroma, said the senator may be charged to court today. He said “I cannot give you an outright answer but tomorrow, if we are going to charge him we will reach out to you. “We will tell you the court so you can go and cover it. There is no way we can charge him before 12 p.m; so give us time”, he said.

Ciroma had said he would carry out a thorough investigation into the matter in order to give all parties fair hearing and to see that justice is done.

He said a forensic analysis of the video would be carried out as part of the investigation. “We need to do a forensic analysis of the CCTV footage that is in circulation,” he said.

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