Pretty Mike Shouldn’t Have Been Arrested

Before you crucify me, yeah crucify away jare…. I totally do not agree with the vast majority by giving Kudos to the Lagos State government for arresting him, please what has he done wrong?

I have a few questions and notes:

  1. Were the girls forced to do this?
  2. Is there a form of blackmail from him to the girls
  3. How much were these girls getting paid to do this? Their salary maybe more than yours… #sips tea.
  4. What contract do they have with pretty Mike?
  5. Do you know if that’s their only means of survival?
  6. Can you see the coordination in their outfits, you should know that a lot of planning went into this.

Pretty Mike 3

So everybody is talking about how he has no respect for the female folks by putting a physical leash on these girls and dragging them upandan the street like dogs.

The girls agreed to do this, simply because they do not have self-respect for themselves like some people rightly said or the money is good but the truth is, there are a lot of women that are chained psychologically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Like Wale Gates rightly said, a lot of girls are dancing naked upandan in music videos, does that make nudity right? But we celebrate and dance to this songs, a lot of our musicians abuse girls daily on their videos but no one is bothered. What of the host that allowed him and his girls to enter the party? They took pictures with him on that day, they didn’t do anything about it.

There are prostitutes on the street but we can cope with it, but one a guy put girls in chain (ordinary choker bracelet with extension) that you can actually see, we are raising a fuss about it and then the government is stepping in like they have finished attending to all the problems we have…..

People are so quick to condemn everything but if the girls say they won’t do this again, how many people can offer those jobs… Example is Olajuomoke after all the promises made by different people, only Ty Bello and Suji Motors came through.

So please leave another man’s hustle alone and face your own, if somebody does not have respect for themselves, your part is to try to help or condemn and offer help, not just simply condemn the situation.

Because your sin is not open to the public does not mean you are better than the next person. Sin is sin, there is no section for Ac or fan in hell, its one hell, so all the George’s and Georgina out there relax your body and worry about getting yourself to heaven or hell first before you worry about the next person.

As For Pretty Mike that is talking shit about women empowerment, the thunder that will strike you is doing press up….

As for Lagos State Government:

  1. One of the sides of Ogudu bus stop is not complete yet and buses haff refused to stop at that bus stop.
  2. The bridge at Ketu is overcrowded, please hurry up with the next construction before you have a major stampede.
  3. Security on third mainland is not enough, people get raped every other day at various bus stops from 7-up to Ogudu.
  4. There is a street in Ojota called Emmanuel High, cars cannot enter the street, No road at all.

Se e leni ise ni…..i can go on and on about the things that needs to be done within my own vicinity alone, let’s not talk about yours since it’s pretty mike that is your problem.

With the heat in Lagos, my Governor will now be worrying about people that have eaten 3 square meals.

Please let me hear word abeg.

Abeg You don chop today?

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