Random Items You Didnt Know Their Uses

1. what’s the dot next to the camera on an iPhone for?


It’s a microphone for when you’re using the back camera – I knew that it’s for you #rme

2. That hole in the handle of your pot is useful for more than one reason?

Hack 2

This is not just for hanging your pot, you can also use it to hold up your messy spoons… #wink, Oye told you first…

3. The little pocket on your jeans?

Hack 3

This one no concern us but if you must know, it was used to hold pocket watches back in the day when Jeans was first invented.

4. The extra piece of fabric that comes with new clothes.

Extra Hack


I also thought it was for patches, yes I know you know what is for #rme but for those who don’t like me. ┬áThe manufacturer includes that little sample of material so you can test how different laundry detergents will react to your new garment.

5. Have we been eating Tic Tacs wrong this whole time?

Tc-Tac Hack

Who has time to be eating tic-tac one after the other, causing traffic inside the bottle….#notime

6. The hole on your pasta spoon?

Hack 6

Apparently, this to measure your pasta per serving so that above is what you get per serving… #wehhdone

7. The loop behind shirts.


Firstly, and probably the most obvious, is to hang your shirt on a hanger. In the past, men would also cut this loop off of the back of their shirts if they began dating a girl to signal that they were in a relationship. So ladies start cutting it off..lol


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