Rant In Progress – Ungrateful People

I want to rant on behalf of a family member today, the world is full of selfish & very ungrateful people and I’m so sick of it, but just because we are nice people we will protect the names of the people involved in this unjust behavior.

November 2017, my brother was approached by account officers for their usual operation which to get you to open a bank account them. He decided to open the account but not at that moment, so he dropped his details to the lady to get in touch with him later, which she did.

She called and all the details were passed over phone calls, so he did not sign any papers. However, he was able to transfer an amount into account.

Fast forward to later, she calls to inform him that she needs to meet her target for the month, he should please loan her some money from his account to open another account for a customer, on the basis that the customer will return later but they did not reach an agreement on this.

Nevertheless, he got a debit of 20,000 Naira on his account, which the said lady confirmed that she made as they discussed earlier, he later informed her that he did not get the money back as promised, this happened in November 2017.

Fast forward to current time 2018, after a lot of not picking his calls and not responding to his messages, she finally responded with “I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY”.

He has decided to take legal actions against her with the bank, you know what that means.

Brings me back to question: Why people are ungrateful and careless in their actions? Why do we only think of the present and not the future implications of our actions?

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