Reekado Banks & Oluwa Ni Video

I love this song so much that when am on my headphones at work, i feel like i’m in the spirit, jaming to this song like the spirit of the Lord is about to come down, thinking about my sweet, bitter & bitter sweet experiences that life has brought my way. I just can’t help but say Oluwa Ni…..

And what does Reekado do, he drops a video…and wow we are all happy. I know we have seen the video before but lets watch this video again :


hmmmm….God is indeed a merciful God, am not against videos such as this but when you are singing Oluwa Ni with Horny girls around you, i am a bit confused at what the concept of the video is.

Now when am singing this song, i am sure the song does not even reach the roof of my room let alone the sky.


Oluwa did what to her?

Reekado 2

And her, why is she in that position, with that face and in that outfit?…..Oluwa Ni??

God is truly a merciful God



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