Resolutions & Cliches


Happy new again guys……. Who has a resolution this year?

From popular opinion, a lot of people including me think that resolutions are cliche because of how you promise yourself about this or that.

Some people write a list about what they will be doing that year, the only downside to that is they throw it away before the second month of the year …oops there goes your resolution.

These are few adjustment i want to make in 2016, i won’t refer to them as resolutions

1. Organisation – I want to able to put my things on my table neatly and find it there, instead of looking for it in my bag. Make use of my calendar & to-do-list. Organization takes time, but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier! It only takes a week to start a habit.

2. Time Management – Exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase  effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

3. Read More – I really don’t like to read books generally, but occasionally i try. This year i will have a list of books that i must read.

4. Lastly stay hopeful, positive & happy.

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