There is a Reward for Everyone who Gives a Hug this Christmas, Cool, isn’t it?

It’s that time of year again! December has come and as usual all the joys of Christmas are getting nearer. But what is the real meaning of Christmas? It is the time of giving and sharing. Is it the gifts we receive from loved one, the lights on the windows, the cards in the mail or eating party rice with the family?

Apart from Christmas being the time we celebrate the birth of Christ, it is also a time of showing great joy and most importantly, the season to show LOVE.

This Christmas, you might all the money to buy gifts but what if I tell you giving hugs is way to make someone feel loved and that you can also win amazing gifts by doing so. Some of us have not even hugged our dads before and this could be the right time to do so. More so, TECNO Mobile is rewarding people who will show love by hugging their family and friends this Christmas and is happening both offline and online. Amazing right?

Fans will be rewarded both online and offline with several pricey gift items including the latest flagship – the Phantom 8. Few weeks ago, TECNO Mobile rewarded 4 winners of the #LightUpYourDream competition with the sum of 1-million naira each to help them scale their business ideas and now this one again? I guess it is safe to say TECNO actually want people to experience more in every dimension.

You can join the activity in 2-steps and be one of the 5 lucky winners who will be rewarded with TECNO hampers every week this December.

Phantom Hug


STEP 1 – Take a picture of you hugging your family and friends and accompany it with a captivating caption.


STEP 2 – Upload on TECNO’s Facebook page as comment under the activity pinned post with the hashtag #TECNOXmasHugs or on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TECNOSpot with the same hashtag #TECNOXmasHugs. Tag and follow TECNOMobileNG on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and TECNOSpot to make your entry valid.

  • Every week, we will pick 5 winners- One entry with the most replies on Facebook, the most comments on Instagram, one entry with the most retweets on Twitter, One entry with the most mentions on Snapchat and one entry with the most “agrees” on
  • These 5 weekly winners will be rewarded with Special TECNO Hampers.

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