Rigging Is A Norm In Nigeria

No nation can grow with rigged elections —Peter Obi, the PDP’s vice presidential candidate for the 2019 presidential election. Most people living in Nigeria & social media savvy were privy to the sham of an election that the INEC claims that they performed recently.

Sadly, the international community, stated that this one of the most credible election that Nigeria has ever had. – How disappointing is this statement?

For 16 years, the PDP ruled the country & we cannot deny that, the elections were rigged those years, rumors of stolen ballot boxes & so many under rigging activities were the order of the day, however was done behind closed doors.

Few years down the line, the APC is in power & their rigging is beyond anything we have ever imagined and all of this activities are captured on camera but what is been done about it… NOTHING. The APC has also been one-sided in its fights against corruption, an example is the Gov. Ganduje Scandal who was caught on video accepting money, however he was not investigated instead the person that did the video was investigated, how much more election rigging, a party in which their National president had a slip while talking to the press, he said” if you cannot take the pain of rigging sorry election” this is the party that is ruling us.

Some Nigerians were bullied while trying to cast their vote, violence everywhere because thugs were used against the people, young corp members were put in danger, late payment of INEC Adhoc staff & many more atrocities.

Is the APC so desperate for POWER that they do not care about what it would cost them?

I’m afraid of what the APC can do & the fact people cannot see that we are not a in democratic regimen but an autocratic regimen not governed by ONE man but by a group of cabal whose only goal is enslave the people but enrich themselves.

I hope that our voice will not be stifled in the next few years

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