She Say Nooo…Na Lie She Just Dey Form

So last week, there was this story trending on all social media platforms about an ALLEGED sexual predator, this story was everywhere, i mean everywhere, like everyone went IN on this guy, i will be playing devil’s advocate every now and then but this is my angle, you know i always have an angle…

Anyways what i gathered or understood in summary was that, this guy manipulates and blackmails girls into having sex with them, so far he has not gotten physical or violent with any of his victim but the signs that he could get violent is there, so one girl came up to fight for the victim and wowza all the other victims decided to speak up against this menace of the society…right. There was however a particular tweet that got to me, apparently the guy told one of his victims that she had to sleep with him to get her products listed on one of the E-commerce platform, this just shows the type of girls that are caught in the web of this alleged sexual predator, how can a person tell you that he has to sleep with you for you to list on a platform were they have adverts all over the place to come sell on their platform….re you that dumb?

Lets stop pointing fingers at the sexual predator here (yes…he has a problem and we will get to him later) but you has a lady, you need to be smart, the world can be going forward while you decide to remain stagnant, life is not all about your physical looks, be book smart, be tech savvy, don’t let anybody take you for a ride. If you are going to have sex with a guy, let it be on your own terms…get your confidence level way up there, don’t let anyone rape you mentally.

Secondly a lot of this girls claimed that he was blackmailing them with their pictures, how did he get your naked picture, who sent it to him, just cause he was nice to you or he is complimenting you does not mean he gets your nudes, fcuk… you should not send your boyfriend your nude picture, if you must send it, must your face be in it, y’all should not trust this guys, they are vultures….if when he becomes your husband send your nudes to him while he is in a meeting with his bosses. Ladies please get some standard and get smart.

I also noticed a lot of hypocrites online during the issue, the guys…jumping upandan claiming this guy has a problem (oh well, judging by his tweet, he needs psychiatric evaluation) this brings me to my header, raise up your hand if you have never said this line  “She Say Nooo…Na Lie She Just Dey Form” nearly every guy has said this shit right there, i grew up hearing a lot of guys saying it but if you have slept with a girl after you heard her say this then you also have issues, agreed there are some girls that pretend even when they want it and pretend to say No but scratch that, she said NO, don’t do it, if she wants the D, let her woman up and say it if not, NO means NO, do not come up with that excuse saying oh i know she is lying.

Men have been manipulating girls to get sex since forever, so y’all stopping acting like you have never said it or done it before.

As for this guy in question, you have been chosen to be the scapegoat for guys that can’t get it together, so face the music and when all this is over, pick up what is left and be advocate for the ladies…NO means NO (am sure you have learnt your lessons)


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