Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, has sued the Federal Government over its “failure to stop former governors and now serving senators and ministers from receiving double pay and life pensions, and failure to seek recovery of over N40 billion of public funds unduly received by these public officers.”

The suit is seeking the following reliefs: an order granting leave to the applicant to apply for judicial relief and to seek an order of Mandamus directing and or compelling the respondent to urgently institute appropriate legal actions to challenge the legality of states’ laws permitting former governors, who are now senators and ministers to enjoy governors’ emoluments while drawing normal salaries and allowances in their new political offices; and to identify those involved and seek full recovery of public funds from the former governors.

The organization is also arguing that “Senators and ministers should not be receiving salaries and pensions running into billions of naira from states that are currently unwilling or unable to pay their workers’ salaries and pensioners’ entitlements. National and international laws implicitly forbid public officials entrusted with public resources from granting to themselves emoluments for life while serving in other public offices including as senators and ministers.”

Nigerian Youths- We need to get involved in the affairs of the state, let these old men understand that we see through their bullshit and start to call them out of who they really are.

The average Nigerian on the street cannot eat 2 square meals but these men have the effrontery to complain because a portion of their salaries was not paid on time.

Most of us think there is nothing we can do about this injustice going on but yes there is a lot we can do, as we are tweeting about out funny Jollof Wars, you can also say something about it, sign petitions, start online campaigns, join groups and let make an actual change not APC or PDP


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