Seriously Man, Make Up Your Mind

Couple having an argument.

Guy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy likes girl, they fall in love, they get married and everything is fine…why can’t it be this easy.
Married men are more truthful than the single guys, because when a married man walks up to a single girl and says he likes her (if he is wearing ring though), it is left for the girl to decide whether she wants to do this married man or not.
But with a single guy, you have to wonder what he really wants.

A friend met this guy a couple of days ago… this guy is tall, fine, abs of steel, good job, but we do not know if he is single, dropping hints like “the last time anybody used my kitchen was 2 months ago and it was my mum“. As a lady I’m girlfriend….Alleluia.

This man will later come and say my girlfriend has been in the UK or Canada for over a year for her masters… Why didn’t you say that earlier… seriously. We have many talents but reading minds is not part of them. Be bold enough to let us know you just want some ass.

On the part of the ladies, y’all are too fond of leading men on, especially when you are not sure whether the guy you like really likes you back or not. Then you put the guy that really likes you on hold (this part could be confusing) , so that he does not go anywhere (to the men- this is the part were you block the door from prospective merchants (suitors)).

Everybody needs to make up their minds, so that everybody can move on with their lives. Don’t be putting people on hold upandan.

4 thoughts on “Seriously Man, Make Up Your Mind”

  1. The bloodrush at first sight gets very difficult to overcome by very many. Many questions don’t get asked,… and many tears at the end don’t get attended to. #WakeUp

  2. Yep, happens all the time. Girls like to play hard to get so much that it easier to just lie, even when u tell them you just want some a**.

  3. The “”is coming”” frenzy… We all do it knowingly or unknowingly. If a guy or lady tells u there’s a partner, does that stop anyone these days? or have we forgotten this the “seize the bae” year or you’re not looking for love? Just saying….

    Nice article!! Let’s hope that many that eye-ball their crushes at work can “man-up” The least you can get is a rejection or some ass.

    You no want I mean…..

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