Sexuality Of A Big Boy In Lagos Saga

I don’t like to do all this gbeborun matter because its not easy to be monitoring people, i respect other bloggers that do this on a daily but seriously this issue got to me. The Ebuka, Yoye &  Aroxverified drama.

First according to the various versions on social media, the most popular story line goes thus:

  1. JoroOlumofin (yes they dragged him into this) in one of his stories sometime in june a newly wedded bride complained about how her husband(popular lagos big boy) is gay and how she had to get some outside.
  2. A few days ago, sombori on twitter by the name @thetruthwizard made couple of allegations about a newly wedded lagos big boy that is gay and the wife complained and had to start sleeping out.
  3. Now somehow sha people ALLEGED  that it is Ebuka Obi Uchenndu that is the partner of the said YOYE.

If Social media has taught a lot of this celebs anything, your response fuels the news and blow things out of proportional, something that originally should have blown over in 24 hours then extends for another days. Yes there are times to speak out but you need to know when to and when not to.

So this morning the internet was sent into a mini frenzy with a video of a man that said he was sorry for the things he said about all the parties involved, their sexuality and paternity of the baby and that everything he said was baseless.

This young man we would normally see as a smart person, put himself plus face to admit to his wrong doings. This person is suppose to be a legal practitioner. A babe will see this young man on the street of Lagos and think i don catch bae or boo….Alas you are wrong.

Mr Mayowa just so you know the internet never forgets….but i want to believe you have a plan….am sure you do. Or just maybe you were put under duress to say those things ( We don’t Know)

So what made me put up this post are this images below:


The guy(legal practitioner) in question replied haha to that comment.. hmmm spill everything already.


So a few questions:

  1. How did the anonymous person turn out to be Mr Mayowa
  2. What is Mr Mayowa blackmailing them for?
  3. What is in it for Mr Mayowa to put his entire career in line for this cover up or maybe its not?

NB : It does not matter if you are gay, bisexual or pansexual (just the Nigerian government though), whatever your sexuality ..just do you. For everybody that is always complaining about another man or woman’s sexuality; do you lie? Do you envy people? Do you commit all the many sins that is against the rules in the bible? if Yes… and the gay person will end up in the same place and there are no sections in hell, some people will not get LG ACs and some fan. So what is the fuss about?



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