Shopping For Your Imaginary Life




Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and wonder why did 1 buy  this dress or shoe?

Sometimes you see something so beautiful  in a store that you want it SO BAD but when you think about, there is no real-world situations in which to wear it. But then you think, what if such an occasion suddenly presents itself, what if i get invited for an event and I don’t have anything to wear? I NEED THIS DRESS JUST IN CASE!! and bam!!! yobuy it.

The result is that we end up with a closet full of party dresses, but nothing to wear to lunch with friends. Typical of most girls, i know a couple of girls that have a lot of clothes but they still never have anything to wear….hmmmmm

Above all, i will rather  shop for the life I ACTUALLY have, rather than the one I WISH I had.

An advice – keep in mind your actual life and your actual style when shoppingDon’t buy stuff just in case you are invited to a strange and obscure fake event that won’t ever actually happen.

Are you guilty of shopping for your imaginary life?


3 thoughts on “Shopping For Your Imaginary Life”

  1. I used to be guilty but I found two solutions. Sell them or give them out as a gift (mostly to charity) either way, money comes back to me. 🙂

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