Silly Food Combinations

Guys you are allowed to eat a lot of things but there are some things you should not put together in a plate or else the gods of the toilet will not let you be great. You wee be surprised at the things your fellow Nigerians eat as they live on planet earth.

There are different categories food combinations in my book

1. No Taste Bud

Bread & Akara  +  Tea : i do not care if you like this @ a few of my colleagues plus any other person, this in my book is not right, it does not go down well with the gods of taste buds.

Gala + Tea : I actually tried this today and it just did not workout in my mouth, Gala is gala not actually a sausage in the real sense.

Garri + Noodles : In your mind now…you don chop be that o…weh done

Garri + Bread :  I believe that you just imagine that the noodule is  Piti

Nescafe + Lipton + Tea (milo & milk) : why will you do that. why?

2. The gods of the Toilet Will Never Forgive You

Spaghetti + Beans + Vegetable : My dad is very guilty of this and i thought it was just him before i realized that a few people do this, this is wrong on every level, first pasta and beans then you add efo riro ….just wow…what is happening in your tummy.

Moi moi + Okro : Apparently the okro is cooked inside the moi moi, so its real…this is really depressing because i am still trying to accept the fact that it can be eaten.

Ogbono + Egusi+ Efo riro + Fufu : You want to die abi…..common just go on and do it

Rice + Okro + Stew : this does not look so bad anymore, but it is bad

Yam + Beans + Egg : i’m unable to pick a struggle, it just goes together…you can’t understand it

Beans + Eba : No comment

3. Happiness To gods of the Toilet

Yam + Rice : First this is eating starch all the way up, just imagine there is no water to drink, your shit is going to be stronger than the rocks of olumo rock, the gods of the toilet will be happy.

Yam + Beans + Bread = Gravel + Sand + Cement

What weird food combination have you seen?



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  1. I have had indomie and garri before. Crazy, but satisfying. Don’t get it twisted, i paid dearly for the decision.

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