My Socialiga Weekend

So Saturday was my first time at a twitter event called Socialiga, it was a new type of fun for me.

Beautiful people everywhere but this event made me realise that the Lagos circle is really small, everybody knows everybody because at every corner of the event was someone i knew from sometime in my life. A lot people i was happy to see, and a few people i had to pretend like i did not see (give me the sideeye…watever) and the ones i was genuinely happy to see but the feeling was not mutual (Karma right)….

So from the little i could gather about the event, its an event for a couple of football teams but last saturday was for charity and a couple of celebs were at the event.

There were yard sales, for the makeup lovers, fashion items and of course food vendors …myfave…..

Pictures from the event.

Hi (1) Socialiga (1)

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