Still In Progress : Thursday Rant With Oye

Rant In Progress:

Bayowa says : 

I just want to say to all the workers out there please don’t go back to sleep if you wake up earlier than normal on a working day.  It’s a trap! you’ll sleep back for just 10 mins in your mind but in reality you’ve slept for 1 hour. Tying this back to your job and life I’ll say if you have an idea, business or side hustle. It is better to act as quickly as possible. If you fail at least you know you tried instead of sleeping on it for too long. Meanwhile in this current economy of ours can you tell me why you DON’T have a side hustle? Is it fear of failure or lack of ideas? I’ll say it is better to fail and know you tried. You know how they say if you don’t ask the answer is always no.  By the way who says if you fail you can’t try something else ask Aunty Linda. #thursdayrantwithoye

Kanyinsola says :

These days ehn! na to advertise your boo o, in case there are other owners, so u know before its too late… May God help us! #thursdayrantwithoye

thatnaijagirl says:

Why can’t guys just look and not talk when they see girls with big butts must they shout? Embarrassing the girl  #thursdayrantwithoye

Abe says:

no light = no Ps4  = No happiness. Only Mugabe lines #thursdayrantwithoye

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