Styling Maxi Skirts

The maxi skirts of the first decade of the 1900’s were more structured than what we have now, but their body-contouring silhouette has recently been reworked and emphasized, with designs utilizing flowing fabrics that cling to the legs.

Little History – The mini skirt is a far younger trend than its more prevalent counterpart, the maxi. The parent trend, which led to the shrinking of skirts with the sexual revolution of the late mid-twentieth century.

Skirts started getting shorter in the Twenties and hemlines danced between ankle and knee until the early Sixties. It wasn’t until the late Sixties that hemlines hit the floor again. Hippies favoured long, flowing skirts in ethnic prints and by January 1970 the Paris collections were emphasizing a longer shape. Yves Saint Laurent in particular was showing skirts that fell to the floor. Another popular length was the midi, that was half way between the ubiquitous mini and the maxi.

Maxi skirts are versatile and one of the most comfortable outfits. They can be worn during various seasons of the year with proper layering. See various style on working your maxi skirt.

1. Wear your maxi skirt with a crop top to give that simple and gorgeous style.

Maxi Skirt 1

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2. Pairing your maxi skirt with a shirt can be tricky, but when paired correctly, it gives a simple chic look.

Maxi skirt 2                                                                                         Via Pinterest



3. It also very chic & stylish to pair your maxi skirt with a denim shirt. Cinching the waist will give this outfit better fit.

Maxi skirt 3         Maxi 6

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4. For the not so risky fashion takers, pairing your maxi skirt with a simple basic top, its also very stylish.

Maxi Skirt 4

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5. Your Maxi skirt can switched from day to night outfit in a minute.

Maxi skirt 5

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6. Pair your maxi skirt with heels

Maxi 7


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